The Queen of Overcoming

Thanks for coming by to check out why people call me the The Queen of Overcoming and discover why I am the person to show you how to overcome the huge and the tiny obstacles in your life. Hey, if it bothers you then it really is not tiny, is it?

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Thinking: How thinking Causes You to Stress Out

It’s your thinking that gets you in trouble.

It’s your thoughts that cause your stress.

The habit of living in your left brain, has you thinking that you’re going insane and your life is a mess.
Make sense to you? Watch the video and let us know.

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THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive – The Song

Everything always
happens perfectly

Don’t Just Survive

Take a step back
You’ll see it’s true
Nothing happens accidentally
to you
or to anybody else

The Universe
talks to you
guiding you toward your best life
It starts with a whisper
then moves to a nudge
If the Universe sees that you fail to budge
It gets loud and in your face
Pushing you to take your place
in community
in humankind

Wake up!
Look around!
You will then find
The strife in your life
is a gift
meant to uplift
Each crisis is an opportunity
to step
in a new direction.
See all the dots in your world.
It’s time to make the connection!

Don’t Just Survive

Whatever the Universe
throws your way
serves to move you
to a brighter day
Step out of the box.
Get out
of your own way.
It’s time to play!

It’s your choice
to stay stuck
in the muck
You create
your own luck
with gratitude
with attitude
It’s no platitude.
Be grateful
for all that is
Be grateful for all
that is not!

Don’t Just Survive

In every moment
Your soul is whole
and perfect
in every way
Note that Einstein
did say,
“Reality is an illusion,
albeit a persistent one”
that happens
is neither good
nor bad.
You choose
to feel happy
You choose to feel sad.

It’s a choice
you make
in each minute!
It’s your life.
Choose to win it!
GO! For the gusto!!!!!!!

Don’t Just Survive

You see, in reality
Happiness is
the place to start
never the end goal
Happiness is
not events
It is way of living
from your heart
and your soul!

Choose to be happy
no matter how
your life looks
You will discover
true happiness
It’s even better
than what you read in books

As you

Don’t Just Survive
THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive

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Not Reaching Your Goals?

Did someone tell you that you could not do something or become something because you are not good enough, or smart enough? Did a doctor tell you,”This is as good at it gets. Learn to live with it.”? Discover how to thrive instead. Turn, “I can’t” into “I can.”
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Love: The Painting

Love is the highest frequency. God, Source, the Universe, vibrates at the frequency of love as pure energy. All physical emotional and spiritual problems reveal a lack of love in relationships between you and you, you and others or you and a Higher Power.

In this painting I subliminally set forth the concepts of love. Take a look now.
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Values: How To Find Your True Priorities

[NOTE: This month I am sharing the series on values taken from my program, How To Create Great Relationships in 17 Days. You will notice my voice sounds fine and I talk about seeing you tomorrow–because it really is a daily program. Contact me for details on how access the entire program.]
Okay. You made your list of values. You re-did your list after removing those that were really about avoiding what you don’t want. So now you truly have a list of what you value in life.
Now you want to prioritize them 0 for real – not the way you think they rank in order of importance.
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