Sacred Science Movie – My Review

In the Amazon rain forest shaman have passed down healing remedies for thousands of years. They know how to treat many illnesses Western medicine only medicates to create comfort – at best. How do those men and women know what to do with over 40,000 plants to help the people who come seeking help?
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This movie explains what I have long known and taught – all physical ailments begin in the mind and heart. Nothing happens accidentally and no one is a victim.

This movie follows eight real people on their journey into the bug laden natural environment where seemingly miraculous healing occurs, all under the direction of shaman, medicine men and medicine women.

Lessons learn about getting in tune with who you really are and what you hold that manifested as physical problems are vividly revealed by the patients who generously shared their stories.

This video is an eye opener to WEstern thinkers who often see indigenous cultures as backward. In so doing it also describes the “pure” way of living in harmony with all of nature.

I highly recommend this movie. It just may change your way of thinking and make a difference in your own health and well being or that of someone you care about.

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