How to Build Self Esteem

parents questions-best sellingWhat if you knew how to become the person you want to be. Do you think your life would change if you raised your self esteem?
This book is about teen self esteem. One of the first recommendations is for parents to read and apply each step in their own lives before ever working with their teens.
why? You are the most powerful role model in your child’s life. They will always do what you do and not what you say (or the exact opposite for reason disclosed in the book).
Therefore, when you become the person you want your child to grow up to be life flows – yours, your kids’, your partner – your family.
You are not just the role model for your kids. Unbeknownst to you, chances are pretty good that you are also a role model for your friends.
I decided to offer this book at a special price today and tomorrow (January 27-28) to make it real easy to get it. But reading book will never change anyone’s life. Read it and apply what you discover. Watch your world change.

One reader wrote
““What Ali taught me in Parents You Gotta Ask Questions… is that I must take care of myself, love myself, love and cherish me and in turn I will be able to love my child not for what she does but just because she is.”
Eleanor Shoman, Real Estate Investor, mother and grandmother, and great-grandmother, West Babylon,  NY

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