My Computer Ate My Book

Remember the old joke about the dog eating the kid’s homework? Well, my computer really did eat my book – four whole hours worth of writing. But wait – there is more. Then it ate my formatting repeatedly for five days. I could not finish my book to send it to the printer!
Yes, I got really frustrated and upset. Only I do not allow myself to stay in negative energy-draining places so I stepped back (mind you, this format-eating went on for more days than it took me to write the whole book) and figured I was missing something important about my book that needed changing.
Sure enough! I had forgotten to change the title in the header when I changed the title of the book.
Good gracious! What if I had uploaded my book with such a gross error in it? Would not have been a good thing especially since this is my first hard cover book with a dust jacket.
It really pays to always look for the message and the gift when things appear to go wrong. Appearances cause more damage than actual events. Know what I mean?
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