Life is a Do-It-Yourself Job

What do I mean when I say, “Life is a do it yourself job but not a do-it-by-yourself job? Do you agree?
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Life is a Do It Yourself Job BUT NOT a Do It By Yourself Job

Life is
     a do it yourself job
But not
     a do it BY yourself job

People are designed to live
in community
To share and to give
service and love to each other

To partner and know we’re all
sister and brother

I cannot do it for you
I CAN show you a way

And I can support you
so you will know
I am here to stay
the course

No remorse
for making it together

We’re connected
All is One
We can ride out
the stormiest of weather

Life is
a do it yourself job
But not a
do it BY yourself job

Stop Guessing and Pay Attention

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