Belief vs Faith – Only ONE leads to Happiness

What you think and how you live – in faith or with belief – determines whether or not you get to live your dreams and know true happiness.
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2 Responses to Belief vs Faith – Only ONE leads to Happiness

  1. Peni says:

    How lovely to see such a long rich life lesson from you. It was beautiful. For me, I believe that all our symbols faiths, searchings, and so on are an effort to reach transcendence, a merging with divinity. You offer a rich vision of a Divine just wishing to grant us what we want and need, if only we can make ourselves ready. Your wish is to help others and you have made yourself ready to do that. Glad to know that physical is so improved; good news indeed I want to be more social, and to lose symptoms.

    Love to you

    • Ali says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Peni. Actually I do not believe there is a something outside of us waiting to grant our wishes. Well, I do and I don’t. I livein the reality that everything is one energy. All that exists is part of the One energy called Source, Goid, the UNiverse, etc. So each of us is here to allow this pure energy ot experience–life. Since pure energy does not experience what peoploe and animals do.
      So all of us are part of that one force3 and most definitely all of us are connected.
      I see proof of that fact every day in so many ways.
      So when we ask for something – we all do only most people ask without awareness and then wonder why what tyhey do NOT want ke3eps shpowing up – it comes to us when–well, what I said in the video.
      Obviously I am not Source and only know what I live in my own experience. Each of us needs to define our own spiritual beliefs and true values by which we live.

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