How Word Choice Smothers Dreams

Do you realize that you are so close to succeeding in life you can reach out and touch it? Probably not. Most people don’t…so they give up on their dreams. In fact, most people stop dreaming and succumb to a humdrum existence staying in their comfort zone.

The greatest base stealer in the history of baseball, Ty Cobb, also held the record as the man thrown out most often. If he didn’t take the chance he could not have succeeded. Living life means taking risks. Some people take only very calculated risks. Others never risk at all because they fear losing something. The sad truth, when you think about it, is that those who never become the biggest losers of all. By failing to step forward into the unknown they never know change. Can you grow and learn without changing?

If you have dreams go after them. Become unstoppable! Become unreasonable by refusing to make excuses or give reasons why you can’t. There is no right way or wrong way to live life. There are ways that move you forward, ways that keep you stuck and ways that move you backward. If what you do moves you forward do more of it. If not take different actions until you find what works.

Some people say life is hard. Those same people say life is unfair. If you live by either of those directives consider that you made them up. Or someone in your world made them up for you long ago. Does it serve you to keep either belief alive and kicking? What if you told yourself life flows easily and change presents exciting adventures? How would your life look if you lived in that paradigm?

Words are just words, sounds, really. Our words have no meaning to someone who does not speak English. The greater impact comes through one’s voice tone, volume, and quality. Speaking horrible things in a dulcet tone to someone who does not understand English may create a friendship!

Consider that words impact those who understand the spoken language and that impact comes less in the definition than in the actual utterance. Conscious living includes conscious speaking…and conscious listening.

Be well and happy. In the end, nothing else maters.

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