Happy and Healthy: They Go Together

Following my brain surgery I was most definitely not healthy for a long time. Okay, the resulting paralysis means I am still not optimally healthy yet I discovered true happiness even during this horrendous struggle to re-create my life.

So I know that health issues can definitely distract a person causing a loss of focus on all that is good. Happiness allows a quick recovery, thankfully. Tell you what, though, my life would be way easier if I felt like I did before the tumor grew.

Feel great and do all the things y0u want to accomplish every day.

That said, I started a special series on the epidemic currently taking 4 American lives every 18 minutes. Bet you didn’t know there is a very horrible epidemic sweeping the world, did you?

Watch this video. Jaime Oliver explains the crisis.

To learn more about how to save your life and your children visit my Healthy You University blog for a new series on the topic of this video.

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