Manifesting and Your Imagination

Your thoughts and emotions create your world in every moment. If you do not use your imagination to manifest what you want then you automatically, without awareness, manifest what you don’t want!

If you keep attracting negative people and circumstances into your life you are misusing your imagination.

Discover how to use your imagination properly to finally live your dreams.

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2 Responses to Manifesting and Your Imagination

  1. Peni says:

    So grand to hear you carry a tune and actually sing a song. Congratulations on all the improvement in your voice and your determination to guide others to happiness and a positive existance. You are strong and powerful. Love you lots. Me

    • Ali says:

      Thanks, Peni. I am so grateful I left the need for perfection in the dust. I trust the message served you in exactly the way you needed it to. I figure the Universe never gives me instruction unless I can carry out the plan. 😉 As hard as it is now, singing surely felt good.

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