Did you ever hear the words, “The kingdom of heaven is within?
You can access that place called Nirvanna,the happiness that is not only your birthright but part of your operating system, 24/7/365. Your peaceful bliss lies in the right hemisphere of your brain and you know it through your right (as opposed to your left) mind.
How do you tune into your right brain-mind?
You stop listening to your left brain-mind commentator. That voice that comments about everything in your life is your ego mind trying to to keep you safe by preventing you from changing anything in your life. It does its job by keeping you stuck – in the muck of your life.
Since your brain cannot experience two emotions at the same time, simply switch to living in the present moment as opposed to the anger, frustration and fear (putting your past in your future) or dwelling in your past.
YOU can only expand what you feed so choose to focus on thoughts that cause emotions you want in your world – always living in the present moment – NOW.

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2 Responses to Nirvanna

  1. Peni says:

    Great talk; you look wonderful and your voice is the best I have heard it; really normall; am glad to be able to share such a special moment.

    Have so enjoyed everything lately. Peni

    • Ali says:

      Thanks, Peni. glad you connect so well with my messages and especially that you let me know it! Turthfully, IUse a mic and then double the volume for the recordings. ONe day my voice will return – or maybe something better!

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