Oxytocin: Why Hugging and Touching Feel Good

Six seconds can dramatically change how you feel – emotionally AND physically. NO kidding! And this method costs nothing. Ah, but you also want to know why you need 4, 8, or 12 of these to survive and thrive.

What the heck am I talking about?

The information in today’s video post is so vital to every aspect of your well being and happiness I took time to guide you through the what, how and why of 6, 4-8-12 .

The video is longer than usual. Watch it to the end. You will be glad you did – very glad and very pleased. It could save your relationships – and possibly your life.

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Thanks for understanding my voice stuff. Now I know not to practice a song if I want a voice to sing it on the video. ūüėČ See the song lyrics below the video.

The Power of Touching and Hugging

The power of touch      Every creature               Needs it so much

It’s much more than a crutch
To get you through    the day

Touch is vital to your well being
Pre-requisite to your seeing

All that’s good and perfect in your world

Flip a frown around
No matter the cause

The miracle hormone
Connects you to others
Instantly building empathy and trust

Reminding you we are all
sisters and brothers

Trust is a must
I’ll tell you
more in a minute        Revealing the beauty and the power                          And the love that’s in it

When you hug you connect heart-to-heart

I will show you how

You release the miracle hormone
And you feel like you took
A happy drug

When you hug

When you hug                     All that felt bad just        moments ago         Immediately takes a dive

Hey, this is no jive, my friend

A hug and a touch can put an end
To all kinds of pain and misery

It happens instantly!        Oh yes, and it is FREE!

And you recognize the truth
We are all connected as ONE

Feeling the great feeling
makes your life more fun

Have you gotten your 4 hugs today?
Have you given 4 hugs away?

The more you hug
the better you feel
The more you touch
You know just how real
natural healing and       feeling wonderful can be.

Hug someone today.



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