Red, White and Pink Snow?

WOW! My first video since losing my speech during brain surgery…

With faith, trust, prayer and LOTS of work my voice was strong enough and my diction clear enough to make a short video for you. You may notice the shakiness of my hand holding the camera. That will go away eventually. I also intend to improve my diction. Yet here it is–something I wasn’t sure I would even be able to do again.

Oh yeah–the bit at the end–see if you notice something remarkably different about me and how I am being.

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4 Responses to Red, White and Pink Snow?

  1. Anna Marie says:

    I’m really happy to see you back on video and yes your backyard does look very lovely with those pink and white flakes. It’s a message saying that it’s not always the way you think it’s suppose to be, there are surprises now and then. The real surprise is that you are back on video and your voice sounds just fine. Take care, many more blessings to you. Love, Anna Marie

    • Ali says:

      Thanks, Anna Marie for coming by and for your wisdom. You got that right…it’s not always the way you think it’s supposed to be” I keep thinking the Universe is done with the surprises, already. Nope. At least I kow everything happens fopr the best and always in my highest interest. If i didn’t live in that faith then I probably wouldn’t be here now–and definitely not making videos!

  2. Janice Halton says:

    Hi Ali,

    I was glad to received another vid. from you. It seems like miracles are falling all around you. I love the unexplained, because it is coming from our higher “Being (God). He is our safe place.

    P.S. I am waiting on my miracles to pour. Is it just like God to let his love fall down on us?

    continue praying for you,

    • Ali says:

      H Janice. Great to hear from you. I am glad you found my new site. My life changed so much in the past few months I felt a need to begin again in a new way. And the Universe demanded I do so so I figure I need to pay attention.

      I find when I ket go of needing things to happen in a certain way or specific time frame then life gets easier and just plain works.

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