The Science of Getting Rich Course

h8ndred dollar billsYou get rich NOT by doing certain things but by doing things a certain way.

Wallace D. Wattles published his business classic in 1910. While it appears to be a formula for financial success, actually The Science of Getting Rich presents a roadmap for a happy and successful life in all areas.

“Rich” connotes more than just lots of money.

This course runs for 7 consecutive weeks. A new round begins bi-monthly.

Price includes a digital version of the ebook that I personally prepared for you so we will all “be on the same page.” When you register you will be taken to the page to register to receive your personal copy as well as be placed on the reminder list for upcoming meetings so you will always be prepared and ready to discuss that week’s chapters.

You will only receive emails pertaining to the mastermind. NO spam allowed.

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