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Why Be Happy?

So many people trudge through each day rarely smiling or enjoying their work, their relationships or how they feel. People think happiness is an end goal. that they have to have certain things to be happy. actually happiness is the … Continue reading

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How to Get Unstuck

Do you feel really stressed? Has it been a really tough year that keeps getting worse and worse? Do people you know feel unhappy and stuck too? The state of the economy is not the cause of your unhappiness nor … Continue reading

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The Dangerous LIttle Voice in Your Head

The Little Voice chattering constantly in your head is trying to keep you safe from the unknown by refusing to allow you to hear, accept and act on new ideas and different actions. It does not want you to change … Continue reading

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Belief vs Faith – Only ONE leads to Happiness

What you think and how you live – in faith or with belief – determines whether or not you get to live your dreams and know true happiness. Please click LIKE and share.. Let us know your feelings on the … Continue reading

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Relationships and Happiness – Not What You Think

Major disconnects – between you and your Spirit, between you and other people, and between you and a Higher Source (God, the Universe, Source) cause ALL physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Please click LIKE and SHARE to make a difference … Continue reading

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