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Manifesting Depends on Eavesdropping?

Without eavesdropping nothing ever manifests – for anyone. Stop trying to figure out how to manifest your desires. It is handled. Your conscious mind cannot possibly figure out how to do it! All you need to do is pay attention … Continue reading

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Manifesting – Why It Happens When It Happens

Do you ever wonder why your affirmations and requests to the Universe (Source, God) do not instantly appear – or maybe seem never to appear? Everything happens in Divine Timing. Everything. So what is Divine Timing anyway? Please click Like … Continue reading

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Clarity and Happiness

The Universe cannot deliver what you want unless you send a crystal clear message asking for exactly what you want. If you have doubts or less than 100% enthusiasm for your request then static overwhelms your messages so the Universe … Continue reading

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Manifesting and Your Imagination

Your thoughts and emotions create your world in every moment. If you do not use your imagination to manifest what you want then you automatically, without awareness, manifest what you don’t want! If you keep attracting negative people and circumstances … Continue reading

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