THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Traumatic Injuries

Thrive kindle smallerComing back from two traumatic brain injuries that left me in an altered body with limitations in much of my functioning really pushed me to walk to my talk.
Since the brain surgery damaged my brain and nervous system re-inventing myself continues as a daily task.
Invisible injuries hide the fact that normal daily life presents a challenge forpeople like me. Okay. Does that mean stop playing full out?
No way!
AT the request of many people I share my story of the two brain events – how they happened and how I heal – with the intention of assisting others on their own healing paths. Your journey need not include brain changes to flip your world upside-down.
Please join me for my book launch in late February. I will let you know where and when you can get your own copy of my story that includes the many healing resources I use to do what my body used to do automatically.
If you have not done so already , request my FREE Special Report on the right and I will keep you updated about the book launch and how you can get your own signed copy.

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