“How to Make Your To Do List” Solutions” And “I Did It List”

Do you have a long to do list? Do you find yourself adding more faster than you check off items? Here are two simple solutions to get more done with less grief.
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2 Responses to “How to Make Your To Do List” Solutions” And “I Did It List”

  1. Peni says:

    So delighted to see you making videos again; and you sound spectacular! It is also a good way to look at a n age old problem, and I will try to incorporate it into my life. I am not a busy person so, my to do lists are very short.

    Talk soon, love you lots, Peni

    • Ali says:

      Thanks for sharing, Peni. My voice is getting better. I discovered for whatever reason – since my trip East I need to take lots of naps and do way less. So I am. I also now do voice exercises. ALl together–with an agreement I made with myself – I am doing way better all the way around. Like that is a surprise!
      I make personal life to do lists as well as professional ones. Family To Do Lists can get really busy!

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