Try – Words That Impact Our Lives

Words impact our lives. They place limits and expectations. They drive us and give us excuses. To understand this information, do the following, okay?

First, please grab a pen. Got one? Now place the pen on a table next to you. Now, try to pick up the pen.

Is the pen in your hand? If it is then you did not do what I asked. If you are holding the pen, put it down on the table. Done? Okay, now try to pick up the pen.

Have you figured it out yet? When you pick up the pen, you have succeeded in picking up the pen. But when I asked you simply to try to pick up the pen, there is no way you can pick up the pen if you are only trying to do so. Think of the original Star Wars movie when Yoda told Luke, “There is do or do not. There is no try.”

By now you determined that the word “try” really means failing with honor. In fact, the word try means, “No way is that going to happen!”

So the next time you ask someone to do something and they tell you they will try–are you going to expect the task to get done? If you think yes, then go back and try to pick up that pen again.

Catch yourself when you use the word try. Notice how you feel. Does your energy feel high and good? Or does it feel a bit sluggish, not too great. Ask yourself how you feel about the request that led to your saying you would try to get it done. Is the activity something you look forward to accomplishing?

Learn to follow your heart. Instead of telling someone you will try to do something you really do not care to tackle, simply tell them to ask someone else. Be honest and let them know you will not get it done.

Telling someone up front avoids their having to deal with disappointment later.

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