TWO Special Books at a Special Price

MONDAY, August 26 and TUESDAY, August 27 I am offering my latest books at the very special price of just 99 cents. Why? These books contain information that affects everyone at some point in their lives and I want you to be prepared.
Besides, this information may drastically change or even save a life.

Please follow the instructions precisely to easily get your ebooks.

If you do not already own a kindle reader or app it will ask you to download one–for free–choose which ever works best for you: computer, smart phone, tablet

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Do you know the number one healthcare expense that drains our economy and consumes our hard earned money is care for the mentally ill? Someone you know struggles with depression or anxiety, bipolar or schizophrenia, dementia or Alzheimer’s. They may keep it a secret due to stigma society places on mental illness.

PLEASE, for the well being of yourself and those you care about Рeducate yourself. Mental Illness is reversible AND preventable. HEre is how to buy your copy today only  for just 99 cents.

On MONDAY, August 26 ONLY
1. Go to
2 in the top search bar type in this exact wording:
B00EPCQ67K+mental illness
3. Click on the book title

You will be taken to the page for Mental Illness: Consequences When The Brain Misfires
Buy it for 99 cents.

Come back on Tuesday for the second special offer.

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