Where Are All The Happy People?

When I do a live presentation I begin by asking for a volunteer who considers himself/herself to be a happy person. There is usually one or more people who step forward – smiling.

I then do a quick demo, using special techniques, that reveal they really are not happy in the moment – even though they are smiling and thinking themselves to be happy. Ah, but then I tell them to think a happy thought and the demo reveals their happiness level as high and solid when they focus on and think happy thoughts.

Why are so few people happy – genuinely happy – as in taking life’s awful events and bouncing back quickly?

At some point in the recent past the default way of thinking changed from our natural way of living in abundance, where everything easily flows, to one of scarcity.

People automatically look for what is wrong and what is missing.

Today’s common facial expression is either blah or furrowed eyebrows with a scowl.

Take a look around you right now. What do you see? What does your own face portray in this moment? How do you feel anyway, right now?

What you focus on expands.

When billions, of people across the globe think negative thoughts of lack and anything but happiness, they add to the huge thought forms out in the ethers.

Given that 95% of people choose not to think for themselves, without awareness all those people plug into those thought forms increasing their magnitude.

How can you change that habitual way of thinking and being?

Quite simply, you choose to look for what is good, leaves you feeling happy, at peace, and smiling.

When I lead a gathering of people the first thing I do is teach people how to do a Happy Share. What the heck is a Happy Share?

A Happy Share is sharing something that happened in your world that left you feeling really happy, at peace, calm – good.

Your Happy Share is not about what your kid did, or you parents, your partner or your best friend. A Happy Share happened to and benefited you directly.

So my child getting a standing ovation for a performance is not my Happy Share but hers. My Happy Share might be going online to buy an airline ticket and finding the route I desire is on sale, a really big sale. And the schedule fits my travel dates perfectly.

Got it?

Create the habit of looking for something that makes you happy happening in you life every day. Guess what. The more you notice happy things the more happy things appear in your life!

Shifting from negativity to happiness changes what you attract.

As the programs running in your subconscious now create a new folder and stuff it with evidence of happy things. The negativity folder will wither away since you stopped feeding it! You also raise your own frequency. since you can only attract things and people that vbrate in harmony with your frequency, you want to vibrate at a higher feel good, light level to be a match.

One more benefit of A Happy Share – when you share it with others you get to live it all over again. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine.

Therefore writing or speaking your Happy Share causes all the same feel good chemicals to run through your body again.

Neat, huh?

Tell us your Happy Share now and start your new focusing habit. Create the habit of happiness by clicking here.

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